ENCE and Red Bull expand deal to include jelol竞猜的app叫什

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Finnish organisation ENCE has expanded its plol怎么开竞猜artnership with energy drink brand Red Bull seven months after it was established.

The expanded deal will see 企鹅电竞怎么买竞猜Red Bull assume the role of jersey sponsor for the organisation, starting with the StarLadder Berlin Major.

ENCE Red Bull Jersey Sponsorship
Photo credit: ENCE

The new jersey, with its fresh new Red Bull branding, is available for purchase at the time of writing. Th企鹅电竞直播助手主播怎么开竞猜e deal was initially formed at the beginning of the year with the two parties collaborating on content.

Joona Leppänen, Marketing Director of ENCE discussed the expansion in an announcement: “We feel ENCE and Red Bull is a great match and working with them has been natural. We take pride in having the opportunity to work with such a great brand who loves creating cool things for the fans to experience. This is something that is common for both of us and we are delighted to now be sporting the bull on our team jersey.”

ENCE is also partnered with ASUS ROG, Telia, Jimm’s PC-Store, Wolt, Jimms, Samsung, Veikkaus, and Logitech G. Red Bull sponsors the likes of lol淘汰赛竞猜怎么选North, OG, BIG, Riot Games’ LEC, Cloud9, and 100 Thieves, alongside ENCE.

Esports Insider says: The fact that the deal has been revised avp电竞怎么竞猜lready suggests that it was either going rather well or that Red Bull wants more out of its relationship with ENCE. Either way, Red Bull has diversified the organisations that it’s invo企鹅电竞怎么打开竞猜活动lved with pretty well and more visibility through ENCE won’t hurt it.

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