LG Australia renews Dire Wolves sponlol英雄联盟企鹅电竞

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LG Australia has renewed its sponsorship of Australian organisation Dire Wolves up until 2020.

The partnership between the two parties was first established in 2016.

LG Australia Dire Wolves Renewal
Image credit: LG Australia

LG Australia will provide those who represent Dire Wolves with its latest range of monitors to use while competing.

Nathan Mott, Founder & Managing Director of LG Dire Wolves said the following about the renewal: “LG has supported Dire Wolves as our first sponsor back in 2016. Their h企鹅电竞竞猜活动怎么抽红包igh-end monitors have been essential equipment in our training at the Esports High Performance Centre in the Sydney Cricket Ground. We’re excited to continue our partnership with LG as we continue to pave the way for esports in Oceania.”

LG Dire Wolves competes in the Oceanic Pro League (OPL), its region’s official League of Legends competition. In 2018, it placed first in both OPL splits, as well as the SEA-LJL-OPL faction of Rift Rivals.

Russ Prendergast, Marketing Manager IT at LG Electronics Australia also commented: “LG Australia is delighted to exlol竞猜输赢积分去哪里领tend this important partner企鹅电竞电脑版怎么参加竞猜ship with the LG Dire Wolves. We were the first sponsor of the Dire Wolves and have worked with the team to challenge the very best competitors in esports. We are excited about the opportunity for increased collaboration and future success.”

Guinevere lol竞猜领头像在哪里领Capital, the majority shareholder in Excel Esports, began searching for investors to take over its majority stake in LG Dire Wolves in July. Riot Games informed the investment firm that it can only have ownership in one team.

Esports Insider says: LG Dire Wolves is one of the molol在哪里可lol竞猜魄罗头像怎么得以竞猜st recognisable and prominent Oceanic brands in esports so it’s good to see the relationship continue for the remainder of 2019. However, it’s unusual to see a renewal that lasts for a small period of time so this could suggest that LG Australia isn’t prepared to commit for another year or two just yet.

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