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Esports data and statistics company Abios has partnered with Nordic sportsbook Unibet.

Through the deal, Abios will provide Unibet’s users with esports widgets that offer content and statistics – both before and during matches.

Abios Unibet Partnership
Logo credit: Abios, Unibet

Oskar Fröberg, Founder & CEO of Abios commented in a release: “The market of esports betting is still in its infancy and one of the main goals for Abios is to help companies by providing live and pregame data, statistics and probabilities. The Abios Widgets are easy to embed and suitable fo企鹅电竞主播怎么让别人竞猜r all kinds of esports platforms with no maintenance. Our Widgets are built in a modular and scalable way to make sure every client has full creative control of what is displayed on the website.”

Unibet signed a global partnership with Astralis – the Danish CS:GO brand that recently parted ways with RFRSH Entertainment – in late 2018, making it Astralis’ official betting partner for the ent哪里可以lol比赛竞猜irety of the two-year deal.

Tomas Calmfors, Esports Product Manager at Kindred Group added: “Abios’ expertise and ability to quickly deliver tailored widgets is greatly enhancing our esports product. The addition of match insights, line-ups and live streaming is helping us grow this vertical significlol竞猜领头像为什么领不了antly and gives thlol竞猜银蛇币有什么用e site a more endemic feel. Powered by their extensive API, a talented design team and smooth technical integrations we will look to continue and further expand the partnership in the years to come.”

Abios enterelol竞猜什么战队号d a partnership with esports betting operator Luckbox in December last year. The deal sees it provide data to Luckbox, allowing it to bolster the match calendars and results on its platform.

Esports Insider says: Abios is doing some wonderful things in a mostly-untapped sector of esports and it’s good to see that it’s continuing to expand its reach – especially with a company that’s a big player in another industry. We have nolol菠菜竞猜网站怎么样 doubt that the widgets will help to boost the esports betting experience on Unibet.

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