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Danish organisation North has announced a partnership with audio company Sennheiser.

As part of the deal, Sennheiser will provide its products for North̵lol比赛怎么竞猜压钱7;s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, lol竞猜大师图标怎么获得Apex Legends, and FIFA players to use when competing.

North Sennheiser Partnership
Photo credit: North

Jonas Gundersen, CCO of North commented on the partnership in a release: “With decades of experience, Sennheiser was the obvious choice for us as an audio partner. The sound aspect in esport is key to performing at the highest level. Sennheiser has always been heavily invested into gaming, providing world class products. We are excited for the future together.”

Sennheiser will also be a jersey sponsor for the remainder of 2019, starting with the StarLadder Berlin Major. North is one of 16 Challenger teams that will compete from August 23rd.

Tim Völker, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Product Management, Gaming at Sennheiser added: “We’re really proud to be supporting such a prestigious team and are excited about our partnership with North. We holol赛事竞猜怎么领皮肤pe that, with our audio expertise on board, North will reach even greater heights within esports.”

North announced partnerships with both Pinnacle and We Are Nations on July 17th. The former acts as a jersey sponsor and content collaborator, whereas the latter produces and sells its apparel and merchandise. The organisation’s also partnered with Capgemini and Shark Gaming.

Christian Sørensen, CEO of North will be speaking at our flagship esports business conference, ESI London.

Esports Insider says: Now’s a good tim企鹅电竞主播怎么发竞猜e to announce a new deal, considering the CS:GO Major kicks off today and North appear to be one of thelol竞猜在哪里 favourite teams to make it out of Challengers. The organisation is slowly b企鹅电竞直播间怎么弄竞猜ut surely building up a decent roster of partners this year.

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