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Curaçao-based sports and esports betting provider Pinnacle has appointed GRID as its official esports data partner.

The deal sees GRID provide rights to its esports data so Pinnacle can implement it into its esports offering.

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Image credit: Pinnacle

Marco Blume, Trading Director of Pinnacle discussed the partnership: “We’ve gone from being one of the only bookmakers offering esports to having all the big names posting markets across different titles in the last few years. There’s no question that the quality of our product is head and shoulders above anything else out there but we know we can’t stand still and we have to work hard to stay at the top. This deal with GRID is an important part of the esports evolution at Pinnacle. We have a reputation to maintain and thanks to the quality of data that GRID can provide, we’re only going to keep improving.”

The pa企鹅电竞竞猜币在哪里总换奖励rtnership was announced at ESI London, our flagship esports business conference, during the ‘Reliable data: can a standard be agreed?’ panel. GRID was also act as a B2B partner, promoting the Pinnacle Solution product.

Moritz Maurer, CEO of GRID also commented: “There is no secret as to Pinnacle’s expertise across traditional sports and track record as a pioneer in esports betting. To align ourselves with such a powerful and well respected brand pays tribute to the work we have carried out to date in executing on GRID’s vision of building a scalable data infrastructure across the most relevant 企鹅电竞竞猜什么时候出的esports titles whilst hitting the mark in regards to the quality企鹅电竞主播在哪里可以竞猜 of the data solutions we provide. Combining an unrivlol哪里可以竞猜aled market share in official data assets with Pinnacle’s trading powerhouse is an exciting proposition to bring to the market.”

GRID acquired the exclusive data d企鹅电竞竞猜活动怎么抽红包istribution rights for the StarLadder Berlin Major in August, using StarLadder’s data to generate revenue and ensure data integrity and protection.

Esports Insider says: GRID has quickly gone from just an idea to one of the leading data companies in the entire industry and it’s not difficult to see why. Pinnacle’s esports involvement is solid, esplol赛事竞猜奖励是什么ecially with its new North sponsorship, and this will likely help to establish to bookmaker as a leading provider in the space.

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