Riot Games to move LLA with Azt企鹅电竞助手怎么竞猜

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Riot Games has confirmed plans to move the Liga Latinoamérica (LLA) from its current home in Santiago, Chile to Mexico City in 2020.

TheLOL竞lol竞猜头像手机怎么领取不了猜为什么开不了礼包 move comes after the developer agreed on a deal with Mexican television network Azteca Deportes. It has also partnered with cinema chainlol五周年赛事竞猜都选什么 Cinemax, which will see the LLA open a live studio at the Mall Artz Pedregal in Mexico City.

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The move sees Riot Games merge the Latin America North and Latin America South into a single competition. The developer is having conversations with teams now to decide those that will participate in the 2020 season. Competitors are expected to relocate operations to Mexico.

Riot Games explained in an announcement:  “Our players and teams remain a priority in this alli企鹅电竞主播开竞猜什么要求ance, and that is why we are having conversations with them and we will be supporting them in the relocation process to Mexico City by 2020.”

Although the week-to-week LLA season will be moving to Mexico, Riot Games has pledged that the LLA will continue to host live events throughout Latin America. The 2019 Spring Split finals were play电竞大师怎么竞猜ed in Columbia, with the most recent Summer Split finals taking place at the league’s current home of Chile.

Esports Insider says: Whilslol竞猜的银蛇币有什么用t less than ideal that the league is having to move after just one year, Riot Games supporting the teams – alongside the increased opportunity and financial investment – should be healthy for the league’s long-term success.

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