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In August, it was announced that esports event organiser Gfinity Esports Australia will cease operations this November following the conclusion of the Supercars Eseries. Despite a number of successes in the Australian market, major investorlol竞猜银蛇币在哪里买 HT&E made the decision to pull the plug to instead focus on their radio and audio business.

For Dominic Remond, CEO of Gfinity Esports Australia, the venture broke serious ground in terms of exposing Australian viewers to what esports can offer, as well as introducing non-endemic brands in the region to thlol竞猜大小什么意思e industry.

In a recent interview with Seamus Byrne of the Australian Financial Review, Remond noted that while HT&E’s shift in business focus is an obvious motivation behind the decision, the closure highlights some of the challenges facing esports ventures in the Australian market. Most notably that “brands and agencies still don’t understand esports to the level they possibly should, but that’s because the data isn’t rich enough yet to help them make decisions about their marketing spend.”

With this in mind, Esports Insider spoke with Remond to pick his brain on Gfinity Australia’s journey, the kind of rich data that brands and agencies are looking for, and what other organisations can learn for the future.

Dominic Remond Gfinity Australia
Photo credit: Gfinity Australia

Esports Insider: With Gfinity Australia closing its doors at the conclusion of the Supercars Eseries in late November, what do you think were the organisation’s biggest successes?

Dominic Remond: The commercilol竞猜有什么用al partnerships we delivered for the Season 1 and 2 of the Elite Series were the biggest for local Australian esports. We were able to secure Free To Air (FTA) broadcast of our Rocket League portion of the Elite Series on Network Ten, exposing esports to a whole new audience. We produced over 200 hours of high-quality content from our purpose-built Esports Arena at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter.

We introduced new, non-什么程序能竞猜电竞endemic brands to esports including Dare Ice Coffee, Shannon’s, and企鹅电竞直播怎么设置竞猜 Incent. We generated recordlol竞猜竹子哪里来的 viewers for Australian esports content during the Elite Series and Rocket League Oceanic Masters. We offered a clear pathway for the community, through our Challenger Series and draft, to compete against professional players in front of a live audience and millions of online views.

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