BoomTV acquireslol竞猜怎么用灵蛇币 America竞猜lol 怎

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Esports entertainment platform BoomTV has acquired collegiate production company American Video Game League (AVGL) for an undisclosed sum.

Known for its bi-weekly competitive series “Code Red,” BoomTV has been organising community events t电竞竞猜倍率怎么看hroughout lol外围竞猜用哪个软件the past quarter.

Photo credit: American Video Game League

Viktor Suski, CEO of AVGL had this to say of the acquisition: “Our focus has always been to provide the best competitive experiences for collegiate esports players and fans, and the BoomTV platform will achieve this at scale. This企鹅电竞竞猜在哪里 strategic acquisition allows us to offer colleges tools and events needed for expansion. This is a huge step forward for the AVGL and collegiate esports.”

BoomTV will assist in providing over 1,200 American colleges wLol竞猜怎么存银蛇币ith esports content and will leverage the large-scale events and grassroots initiatives of AVGL.

Over 40,000 influencers use BoomTV to engage individual and esports communities respectively. Their aim is to enable players and tlol竞猜银蛇币有什么用heir communities to easily produce esports content and esports events. Millions of viewers have watched esports competitions hosted by the AVGL, some of which have included over 1,000 colleges and tens of thousands of event attendees. 

AVGL and BoomTV recently collaborlol竞猜菠菜怎么得到ated on a ranking system for its collegiate Call of Duty players. In August, BoomTV hosted a $10,000 (£8,220) Blackout tournament where the top collegiate players were ranked on a dedicated leaderboard, with eligible players competing for a share of the prize pool.

Esports Insider says: The acquisition will certainly benefit the AVGL in terms of event production and organisation. With such a wide reach, we expect to see increased participation and involvement.

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