Razer and lol赛事lol全球总决赛在哪里竞猜竞猜怎么

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Gaming hardware company Razer has announced the formation of a partnership with Danish organisation Copenhagen Flames.

The three-year partnership will see the organisation’s players outfitted in Razer’s esports peripherals for training and competing.

Razer Copenhagen Flames
Image credit: Razer

Yann Salsedo, Head of Esports (EMEA) at Razer discussed the partnership in a release: “Team Razer is excited to enter a partnership with Copenhagen Flames. Their passion for esports and their work with upcoming talent is something that we are looking forward to supporting with our high-performance esports gear.”

Copenhagen Flames has operated since 2016, perhaps best known for its time in Counter-Strike: Global Offe电竞竞猜在哪里买nsive, though it also operates in League of Legends, Fortnite, alol英雄联盟竞猜s4总决赛赢皮肤活动怎么不能nd Super Smash Bros. It has male and female CS:GO rosters and a ‘Light the Fire’ academy project that aims to help educate and develop young talent.

Steffen Thomsen, CEO of Copenhagen Flames also commented on the deal: “I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of this partnership with Razer, the premier brand of gaming hardware. From our first talks, I felt their immense passion and the way they strive for excellenc企鹅电竞直播怎么搞竞猜e, which are characteristics that mirror our own. Joining Team Razer is a huge milestone for us and I couldn’t be happier.”

Razer joins Copenhagen Flames’ other partners Elgigantelol竞猜竹子哪里来的n, IO Interactive, Plougmann Vingtof, and Red Bull.

Esports Insider says: Copenhagen Flames has a solid list of partners, mostly from within its home region of Denmark. Razer not onlylol比赛怎么竞猜压钱 welcomes an international partner to the table but provides the teamlol竞猜怎么看蛇币 with a peripheral partner, something that goes hand-in-hand with any organisation.

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