Mainline raises $6.8M in Series A lol竞猜头像企鹅电竞竞

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Houston-based esports tournament software management company Mainline has raised $6.8 million (£5.22 million) in its Series A funding round.

The round was led by Work America Capital, with contribution from private investors. The capital will be used to enhance Mainline’s software technology and bolster its workforce.

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Mainline began offering its servi为什么vp电竞没有竞猜ces to the collegiate esports scene in 2016, previously existing as a subsidiary of FanReact  – which is now known as Truss. The company assists colleges and brands with the managing, marketing, and monetisation of esports events.

Chris Buckner, CEO of Mainline commented in a release: “The world of esports and gaming is exploding; however, continuity in tournament organization is lacking, keeping the sport from r电竞竞猜-1.5是什么eally taking off in other viable and exciting markets. Mainline gives brands the tools they need to run powerful esports programs that will evolve the quickly maturing industry to the benefit of players, students and the greater esports ecosyste在哪里竞猜电竞m.”

Mainline has executed events for the likes of DreamHack, PUBG Corp., and Clutch Gaming. It also aided ESPN with its inaugural Collegiate Esports Championship in May.

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Mark Toon, Managing Partner of Work America Capital discussed the decision to invest: “As with any industry that takes off like a rocket, problems arise that must be solved through innovation. Mainline is standardizing, organizing and optimizing the esports industry, paving the way for mor网吧的lol游戏竞猜是什么意思e players, more teams, more money and bigger, better tournaments.

̶企鹅电竞直播的时候怎么开竞猜0;The strategic vision of Mainline puts them in the driver’s seat with a consistent platform across amateur, collegiate and professional competitions. Given Mainline’s partnerships and customers, they have paved a way to grow quickly across all sports and into other markets. We are excited to dedicate our time, resources and capital to the company.”

Esports Insider Says: It’s always good to see successful funding rounds for the tech and software side of esports, especially when the spotline is typically on organisations. Mainline has strong roots in the collegiate esports scene and we hope it uses the funding sensibly.

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